Healthy ANZAC Biscuit Protein Ball Recipe

April 24, 2019

ANZAC biscuits are a huge part of our Australian culture not only on ANZAC Day, but all year round. Sadly the traditional recipe contains high levels of sugar that don’t pair too well with our BFF meal programs, so our dietitians have created a Be Fit Food approved protein ball version that is not only healthier than the traditional bikkies, but equally as tasty!

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Number of serves: 10

Serve weight: 30g


75g natural peanut butter

15g tahini

50g pitted dates

¾ cup oats

¼ cup desiccated coconut

15g BFF Vanilla Protein Booster

1 teaspoon natural vanilla essence

1 teaspoon stevia

2 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk



  1. In a food processor, combine all ingredients. Blend until the mixture is combined and sticks together.
  2. Using a small kitchen scale, weight out 30g of mixture for each protein ball.
  3. Roll each 30g of mixture into a ball.
  4. Enjoy! You can store any leftover protein balls in an airtight container in the fridge.


Nutrition Information Panel

Average Quantity per Serving (1 ball) Average Quantity per 100g



Energy 468kJ (112Cal) 1680kJ (402Cal)
Protein 4.2g 15.0g
Fat, Total 6.7g 23.9g
  – Saturated 1.9g 6.7g
Carbohydrate 7.9g 28.3g
  – Sugars 4.1g 14.7g
Sodium 12mg 43mg