Spring-Cleaning Your Fridge & Pantry

October 3, 2018

After winter our fridges and pantries tend to need a little TLC and spring is the perfect time to do a kitchen overhaul. A clean and well-organised fridge and pantry is important for changing eating habits and leading a healthful lifestyle.

Step One: Overdue
Start by removing everything from your fridge and pantry and throw out anything that is passed its use by date.

Step Two: Goodbye Junk
Try to throw out all your ‘junk food’, or even try to rehome it to reduce waste! Clearing your shelves of highly processed and packaged foods takes the temptation away- out of sight out of mind!

Step Three: Sparkly Clean
Give the shelves a good clean. It will take a bit of time but the result of a well organised, clean fridge and pantry is very satisfying!

Step Four: Organisation
Make the most of your space! Use containers, jars and labelling to keep your shelves organised. This works for the fridge AND the pantry! Try to sort your items into groups, keeping like items together. This could be organised by placing nuts and seeds in one place, oils, spices, sauces, pasta/grains, canned items etc. all in their separate spots. Another handy tip is to try to keep your most-used items in places that are easiest to access.  

Step Five: Replace the Bad with the Good
When you have a clean kitchen that is cleared of old items and nutrient poor foods (‘junk foods’), it is time to restock with fresh, nutritious options. Think healthy and wholesome- fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and spices. Making simple changes like this can make the world of difference to your eating habits and your health.
Happy spring-cleaning BFFs!