Tips To Getting Through Week One On Be Rapid

May 1, 2019

During the first 3-4 days on our Be Rapid program, your body should transition into mild nutritional ketosis, which helps the body to burn stored body fat as a fuel source rather than relying on sugar stores from carbohydrates, which can cause some slight drowsiness, headaches and those ‘hangry’ emotions.

Here’s three key tips to get you through…

Water is key!

You should be aiming to drink 2-3 litres (that’s 8-12 glasses!) per day. Try to have one glass of water every hour throughout the day. If you find it difficult to drink water, try changing it up a bit by adding some fresh lemon, sparkling water or herbal tea.

Distract yourself 

Go for a walk with a friend, walk while listening to a podcast or do something you enjoy to distract you from thinking about being hungry.

Snacks & Allowed Extras 

Don’t forget you can have an extra daily snack and can bulk your meals with extra non-starchy veggies from our Allowed Extras Guide. 

Lastly, don’t forget to join our Be Fit Foodie closed Facebook group – it is an amazing source of support and guidance to interact with fellow challengers and customers.