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What is the best meal plan for you?

Weight Loss

Be Rapid

Lose weight fast. Up to 2-4 kilos per week.

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Be Lean 1000

Lose weight gradually. Up to 1-2 kilos per week.

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Weight Loss

Be Rapid Male

Lose weight fast. Up to 2-4 kilos per week.

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Be Fit Man

Weight loss program for men with 30% more protein.

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How it works

Choose your program, Be Rapid or Be Lean.
Select your meals or let our chefs do the work for you.
Pick it up or we'll bring it to you.

Maintenance & low carb living

Meal plans to help keep the weight off. Find out more

Be Lean 1200

Maintain your weight with our flexible meal plan.

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Be Meals

Low carb, high protein meal combos

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Be 5:2

Let BFF cover you for 2 days of fasting per week.

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What our customers are saying

Listen to Di's journey with Be Fit Food.

We’re happy to have been part of Di’s weight loss journey which has left her feeling amazing, inside and out.

Individual results may vary.*

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What to expect

Listen to our CEO and founder Kate, discuss what to expect on your Be Fit Food journey.

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