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Listen to our CEO and founder Kate, discuss what to expect on your Be Fit Food journey.

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The science of Be Rapid

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Designed by a team of doctors and dietitians, the Be Rapid program is based on science that is used by weight loss clinicians around the world.

When adhered to strictly, Be Rapid program is a mild ketogenic diet. Ketosis is a natural state where the body is almost only burning fat. Our bodies preferred fuel source is glucose, which is consumed in the form of carbohydrates found in food. The secret of ketosis is to eat low amounts of carbohydrate, and moderate amounts of protein and fat for satiety. This allows the body to use stored fats for fuel, rather than rely on dietary intake.

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Other program options

Be 5:2

The 5:2 diet is where you eat largely the way you want to (or as best as you can) for 5 days per week and “fast” for 2 days. In this diet “fast” means around 500 calories per “fasting” day for women and 600 calories per “fasting” day for men. (This is based on scientific research from around the world by a wide range of highly acclaimed scientists.) This is just one of a range of “Intermittent Fasting” diets.

Be 28

The BE Fit Food 28 Meals small or large serve combo is the quickest way to order fully prepared, portion controlled, healthy meals to have in the freezer for whenever you want an easy, healthy meal.

Be Rapid FAQs

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Why Be Rapid?

In general people lose the first 5-15kg excess weight at a rate of 2-4kg per week

How often should I do Be Fit Food?

Once you reach your goals, it is important to reset your system and we, therefore, recommend undertaking the BE Rapid program 3-4 times per year.

How Long?

Use Be Rapid and Be Lean 1000 for 2-8 weeks at a time. Repeat every 3-4 months for 1-2 weeks for a metabolism reset.

Be Lean 1200, along with our other weekly or monthly meal packs can be used for convenience, as well as maintenance. You are able to stay on these plans for as long as you like, though please consult with our Be Fit Food Dietitians for advice and support on your BFF journey.

Is it safe to do Be Rapid whilst breastfeeding?

While you are breastfeeding, your nutritional needs are increased, as your body ensures it can supply sufficient nutrients to your growing bub. We would not recommend rapid weight loss in the early stages of breastfeeding to ensure that your milk supply remains constant, however after the first few months, if your baby is not fully reliant on breastmilk, you may be able to use the Be Rapid program if you find it does not compromise your milk supply.

Can I drink coffee on Be Rapid?

In short – yes, you can still drink coffee on any of our programs. To experience the best results possible while on the Be Rapid program, we recommend black coffee, as additional milk is counted as a snack (adding an extra ~100 calories). If you can’t go without your latte, you may choose to include this as your second snack while on the program.